National Boating Education Standards Panel Membership Application


Applications are accepted year-round. New or re-appointed panel members are selected to fill three-year terms by the NASBLA Executive Board no later than
December 15th of each year. However, a new member may be selected to fill a partial-term vacancy at any time.

Applications from persons not selected will be held for consideration in filling vacancies and expired terms on the panel. Resubmit your application only if
your contact information or interest category representation changes, or if you have substantial changes in your work experience that you believe could have
an impact on the board's consideration of your application.


Before you apply

Read the Standards Panel Rules (download) and the Panel Code of Ethics (download).

Review the following sections. The last section includes an online application form and document submission page.

The first document is your current resume or curriculum vitae. This may be in MS Word, PDF, or plain text.

The second document is an outline of what you believe are the most relevant competencies, qualities, and/or perspectives that you would bring to the process and the content of the Panel's standards development work. This is limited to 400 words.

1. Interest Category Representation

The Standards Panel must have stakeholder representation across five Interest Categories. Determine which of the following Interest Category(ies) best descirbe(s) you? Indicate your selections in the application section. Note: The final Interest Category determination will be made by the NASBLA Executive Board.
Interest Category
Defined as representation from
CommercialFor-profit companies and organizations that offer NASBLA-approved/sanctioned boating education courses, and other commercial entities such as boat and boat accessory manufacturers, marine insurance companies, boat dealers, marina owners, towing and salvage companies.
Non-Governmental /
Nonprofit Organization - NGO
Nonprofit, non-governmental organizations that offer boating education or water safety courses or otherwise have an interest in recreational boating and water safety. Include membership, professional, and trade associations.
Federal Boating AgencyU.S. Federal government agencies (and instrumentalities of the Federal government) and international agencies that administer programs and/or enforce laws promoting recreational boating and/or water safety.
State Boating AgencyU.S. State and territorial governmental agencies and subdivisions that enforce boating laws and/or administer boating safety, education, registration and titling, and other related recreational boating programs. Includes designee agencies and personnel at the sub-state level.
PublicIndividual boaters, researchers, boating writers, educators, and other persons who have an interest in boating and/or boating safety and who are not covered under the other interest categories.

2. National Boating Education Standards Panel Participation and Responsibilities

  1. While Panel members provide stakeholder representation across the five interest categories described in Part 1 of this application, appointment to the Panel is an individual appointment. When engaged in the Panel's work, members function as individuals, NOT as agents of any organization with which they are or may be associated or employed.
  2. In the absence of a medical or emergency excuse, failure of a member to participate in two consecutive Panel meetings or failure to return two consecutive ballots may result in removal from the Panel.
  3. Members who violate the Standards Panel Code of Ethics or who are otherwise disruptive to the conduct of Panel business may be subject to removal from the Panel.
  4. Much of the Panel's work must be conducted in virtual meetings and deliberations — through teleconferences, webinars, and e-mails; as such, members must have reasonable access to phone and Internet service that will accommodate these activities.

3. Contact Information, Experience, and Qualifications Submission

All fields are required.

Indicate which of the following interest categories you wish to represent. Mark all that apply.
Commercial | NGO | Federal Agency | State Agency | Public

Applicant Name
Mailing Address
City, State, Zip
Primary Phone


Please attach your current resume or curriculum vitae. This can be MS Word, PDF or plain text.


Please attach an outline of what you believe are the most relevant competencies, qualities, and/or perspectives that you would bring to the process and content of the Panel's standards development work. This is limited to 200 words.