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Boating Safety Award

To be awarded to any state or local government individual involved in boating safety, with the exception of the boating law administrator, who has demonstrated outstanding performance in any area of the program, including, but not limited to: enforcement, education, search and rescue, navigational aids, or registration and titling. Established in 1992.

Compass Award

To be awarded to a NASBLA member agency for the significant measures and leadership it has taken to develop a model of performance in a specific area. NASBLA developed its Compass Award to identify an agency whose program, effort or initiative has truly enhanced our nation's safety and security - one that provides a direction for us to follow. Established in 2009.

Lifetime Achievement Award

To be awarded to an individual who has, over his or her lifetime, substantially contributed to boating safety. More than one may be presented in a year. Established in 1998.


To be given to an individual or individuals who either has given substantial time and effort to the association to help achieve its objectives or is acknowledged nationally, statewide or in his or her community for notable contributions to the betterment of boating. Any representative of government, industry or the public is eligible for this award. Established in 1969.

William B. Garner National Boating Safety Leadership Award

To be awarded to someone whose vision, persistence and willingness have ultimately had a strategic impact on recreational boating safety at the national level. Any representative of state or federal government in active service or retired is eligible for this award. Established in 2006.

Award of Commendation

To be awarded any time during the year at the request of a state or territory. The award can be given to both sworn officers and civilians in cases where the person exhibited heroism and faced risks to his or her own life and was considered instrumental in directly contributing to the saving of a human life or lives. Award nomination will be reviewed and award will be sent to BLA for presentation. Established in 2008.

Public Service Award

To be awarded at any time during the year to any organization that has furthered boating safety through their public relations, advertising or informational efforts. This award nomination can be made at any time. Award nomination will be reviewed and award will be sent to BLA presentation. Established in 1986.

Maxim Award

To be awarded to an individual or individuals whose efforts advance our understanding of the world we live in through the application of research, analysis and the scientific method. Established in 2018.


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